Thursday, June 19

One Clings to Life, One Lets it Go

I thought it fitting to post something, even though it's been forever, since the two people that have me thinking today are bloggers. The contrast between the two is remarkable.

Out of our very own blogger's circle, one of my most beloved bloggers, checked out from life one week ago today. This tribute says it all, probably in better words than I can, for I never met Doc in real life. I am just a fellow blogger (or used to be), fascinated with his written tales, his video jokes, and his canoeing adventures. Through this media, I did feel like I knew Doc though, who was obviously a troubled soul but he had a big heart, and a personality that drew you in. I know he had a sickness. Yes, I know that sickness all too well.

I understand Doc why you did what you did. I really do. I am in general agreement that it is, oddly enough, relief to know that you are not in so much pain anymore. So long, Doc. I miss you already.

But, the casualties remain. Doc left behind two very smart and charming little girls, and his lovely wife, who I have met in person. If anyone is a ray of sunshine, Flannery is. The effects on the family will be felt for decades to come, and for that, I am sorry.

I learned of Doc’s passing on a day when my boss was released from the hospital. He has overcome and gone through a great deal, just to struggle to survive. He was on his bike in downtown Boulder and was hit by a car, by a driver not paying attention. Bruce was conscious the whole time, so he remembers getting run over. He has a tire track across the back of his bike jersey. No shit. How do you think that felt? He heard every rib on one side break as the tire went over him, and when he was free of the car, he saw many people standing around, all on their phones. He assumed they were calling 9-1-1… but there was one guy, one bystander, who ran to him and got down on the pavement with him. Bruce laid, gasping for air, with both lungs punctured and a spinal cord injury. The doctors told him later that if he was unconscious and not able to gasp for air, that might have been it for him. The voice of this bystander, who he would later meet and thank in the hospital, is the one that kept him calm, yet awake and breathing.

The release from the hospital is just one step on Bruce’s very long road to recovery, but he is happy to have that road. He has two young girls, and a wife, as well. He is thankful for every day now that he has with them. He is in a wheelchair and can not walk on his own, but he can hug his wife and girls, and that is all he thinks about. This is what I wrote about Bruce on my company blog after visiting him in the hospital with another co-worker:

Truth be told, I don't know Bruce all that well compared to a lot of his family and friends that are supporting him through this challenging time. I've only known him since I started working here this past September. Yet, I do feel that I know him. That's because, if you know Bruce at all, then you know that he is very friendly, open, honest, and most of all, one of the good guys. My mom would say he is the "salt of the earth" kind of people. That's why my heart ached when I learned about his biking accident. How could something so terrible happen to such a great guy? My mind still struggled to figure this out when Troy and I decided to go visit Bruce in the hospital this past Saturday.

I wasn't sure what to expect, although I've followed along with his progress from his tweets, blog posts, and reports from fellow co-workers. I was excited to see him, yet filled with questions about how his mood would be, and how sad that would make me. I don't possibly know how anyone can have a positive outlook after such an awful experience. Well, anyone except for Bruce that is. As soon as I rounded the corner of his hospital room, I could see his big grin, that sparkle in his eye, and hear his welcoming voice. It was an instant relief! There's Bruce! As he sat and talked with Troy and I, one thing became readily apparent - he is not going to let his accident stop him from being him. His mental positivity and physical hard work at recuperating is paying off, and it really shows. I was so impressed, that I was overwhelmed. I know the road to recovery is long and he is at the beginning of it, but one thing I know for sure, if anyone can recover 100%, it is Bruce.

Monday, December 17

It Really Happened!

We got married on Gold Hill in Colorado on June 30th, 2012.
I took the "A" and revealed it during my vows. Only my sister (who married us) knew that I had gotten the tattoo the last time I visited her in L.A. It's symbolic since my husband has the same last name as me, but spelled differently.
Luckily, this selected spot was not on fire like a lot of the wilderness of Colorado that month. For that we were thankful.

It was a perfect day in a beautiful spot with only close friends and family. Who knew the hockey ho would ever tie the knot?!

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Wednesday, June 22


Not much new on the wedding front, although we decided that instead of trying to plan for the celebration this year, we'd wait until next summer and get married here, in beautiful Colorado. I think most people expect us to do a destination wedding, which is tempting but I think the beach weddings are overdone and besides, we'd still have to throw a big party when we got back because most of our friends wouldn't be able to go. SV has been in Boulder since the 80's so it makes sense to stay here. We have a gorgeous backdrop and great summertime weather. What more do you need?

As for my recovery, I have made my return to the ice playing in my lunch time league again. Although my leg isn't 100%, skating is good for it and the non-super-competitiveness of the lunch time league is a good way to ease back into playing hockey and building up my confidence again. I do have a greater respect for the NHLers that I watch coming back from injury. I used to wonder why they were playing if they couldn't play at 100% and their skills not up to their own par. Now I get it. It's mostly a mind game of having the confidence to return and be what you once were, especially when you still feel a weakness in your body. Mine is compounded by the fact I had two in a row, but I'll get there. I have missed it, but you all know that.

Summer is starting off with an appetizing bang. Even though we've been talking about getting a little charcoal grill for the deck (another option besides gas-grilling), I took the hint when SV came home with the biggreenegg brochures one week before his birthday that the measly Weber wasn't going to cut it. It was a big gouge in the check book but he is thrilled. Between his mad pork-pulling skills and my continuing culinary expansion, our dinner guests seem to be walking away very fat and happy.

Good thing I can burn off these calories now that there are two cooks in the house.

Wednesday, February 23

Worth the Wait

I mean the ring, not this post. My apologies for not posting this sooner but most of you saw the ring on Facebook, but here's the story to go along with it:

I started searching for jewelry designers in Boulder because I knew I was going to want something different than a white diamond for a ring, as my last post indicates. I thought I was going to want an opal because it's my birthstone, but I quickly found out that they are not recommended for every day wear because they are so fragile. They chip easily and with my lifestyle, I knew I'd be heart broken if my ring bit the dust the first time I was in a scuffle along the hockey boards, so I started searching for something else. I thought, why not the opposite of white and get black?

But black diamonds are tough to find in anything of decent size because most people use them as accents in a piece, not as the star of the show. I walked into a number of jewelers and they didn't have anything at all I liked in the way of stones. I drove to one place and took one glance at all the diamond-adorned fetishes and heart-shaped diamonds in the front window and turned right back around. Why is it so hard to find something more arty and unique? Then my hair dresser told me about Todd Reed.

I walked in and instantly knew it was for me. He specializes in using raw diamonds, which are just as beautiful as the polished. Once I saw the black diamonds, I didn't like them, because they were opaque and looked kind of plastic-y. But I did like the smokey gray and brown ones so I picked a chocolate-colored, pear-shaped diamond that is vintage. The designer says they can tell by the way the diamond is cut that it's from the 1600's - back before they knew how to cut them for optimum brilliance, they cut them for optimum diamond weight instead. Who knew all this about diamonds?

So in the end, I did get a diamond but a very cool one. It's set in palladium and outlined with small white diamonds so that it does look more like an engagement ring than just a cool ring. The band has 1/2 raw diamonds on it and 1/2 of a "autumn mix" the designer calls it with yellow, brown and orange diamonds, with a couple of white ones thrown in to accent the big mama.

They said it would take 6-8 weeks to make but SV surprised me by getting them to make it in 3 weeks so I had it went I went out to see my sister for her birthday bash. Here it is, although the picture doesn't do it justice.

You'll just have to see it in person one of these days.

Thursday, January 6

They Say the Way to a Man's Heart...

Post Ring Shopping Conversation at Ted's Montana Grill:

SV: I'm going to order the Bison strip steak. Mmmmm... sounds good, doesn't it?
GKL: I don't think I've ever had bison other than a burger.
SV: Here, read about it on the menu! It says it's leaner and slightly sweeter..
GKL: Oh, okay, I'll get the fillet. How about those rings?! I mean, they are so unique. Do you like them?
SV: Yeah.
GKL: I mean, they are so pretty... (looking at brochures) how about this one we saw?
SV: Uh-huh.

(after food delivered)

SV: Wow, this bison tastes good, doesn't it?!
GKL: Uh-huh. So do you like the raw diamonds around the side, or polished?
SV: You should get what you want. Do you want to try my steak? It's reeeeeally goood. Mmmmm.
GKL: No thanks, hon. So don't you like that palladium metal? It's cool, don't you think?
SV: Yes, it is. I would seriously come here again for the bison. It is sweeter, can't you taste it?
GKL: Oh yes, you're right. So you just want a simple band in that?
SV: Wow, this is really good...
GKL: Do you want the rest of mine? I'm full.
SV: Okay! Sounds good, pass it over!
GKL: So just a simple band then?
SV: What? Oh, yeah.
GKL: So you like what we looked at for me? It's gorgeous, isn't it?! Is it in our budget?
SV: Wow, mmmm.... this is really good. I think the fillet is even better! Uh, what? Yes, you should get what you want.
GKL: Okay, yay!

Monday, January 3

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and More

The title of my last saved post draft was, Happy Thanksgiving, so I guess I'm a little behind. I was going to drone on in that post about how weird it was to go "home" to Indiana for Turkey day. SV's family is from Lexington but his sister and her husband moved to Indianapolis and they invited us, so that's how I ended up in Hoosierland again. His parents drove in from Kentucky. It was much more relaxing and drama-free to spend the holiday with SV's family than several I remember from my past. I like his family a lot, and that's important in my book if we're going to see a lot of each other over the years. I didn't realize it at the time how that would come to fruition.

Christmas came, a quiet one at home, just the two of us. When all the presents were unwrapped, there was still one more in store for me.

SV got down on one knee and proposed.

Sure, he needed a little bug in his ear and some major hints dropped in his direction, but the point is that he likes to make me happy because I'm a bit spoiled... What? You have been reading my blog for quite some time now, right? Anyway, he spoils me. It works for us.

And for those that are detailed-oriented, he bought me a diamond nose stud a couple of months ago because I once told him it's the only diamond that I need. I didn't know at the time if that meant we were engaged or not but there was no official proposal... hence the coaxing. When the official moment came, he used a ring that I already had. It's an opal ring that was my great Grandmother's engagement ring and that's what I'm wearing, for now.

I hate to stereotype, but I think he could really care less about all the hub-bub and the ear-piercing girlie shrieks when I tell my friends that we are betrothed. I think he's on the "I'll just show up" plan, but I didn't wait all these years to keep it on the down-low. I thought at first that I might, to fit his low-key mood, but fuck that. I'm a gonna tell the world and I'm going to enjoy every minute, every step in this process.

So Happy New Year y'all and thanks for sticking with it even if I'm a bit behind. Now off to design some rings for us!

Friday, November 19


I'm channeling Kirby for this one, plus I stole her graphic.

We have somewhat of a cold feud going on with our crazy neighbor lady. It stems back years ago between her and SV, before I entered the picture. Basically, she lets her rat dog run all over our yard and while she is good about cleaning up the caca, the dog now thinks of our yard as his. The result is that the little rat dog comes up and barks at us in our own yard and has even nipped a couple folks, one of them being a friend of ours' five year old daughter. Not big enough bites to need stitches but that's beyond the point. So SV asked her to stop throwing the ball into our yard and she promised that she wouldn't anymore and swore to him that she had stopped when he questioned her months later since the dog still seemed possessive of our territory. That's when I entered the picture. I work from home. I could plainly see every day that she had  NOT stopped throwing the ball into our yard so I snitched on her and SV had to have another talk with her.

That's how it started really, and I call it a cold feud because we try to remain as pleasant as possible to each other because it's clear neither one of us are moving any time soon, but I can tell by her "don't deliver packages to 3620" sign on her door that she clearly doesn't want to deal with us anymore than we want to deal with her.

Why then, does she copy us on everything? That's the WTF part. First, she snuck into our house while we were remodeling and weren't living there - the contractors caught her - and she explained that she was looking for us (yeah, right) and wanted to know the name of the contractor who redid our stairs. Then lo and behold, a few months later, she has the same guys at her house making a similar modern cable-system railing and stairway. Then we notice she installed the very same new door with side panels that we picked out, but with a different accent design. From what I can see through the windows (no, I don't go snooping into her house) she has also painted her kitchen and living room similar colors, minus the accent wall. If that's not enough, then my maids tell me one day upon having to reschedule due to a vacation that they will be at the neighbor's house soon and could clean then. I asked them if crazy neighbor lady was a new client, and they told me no, that one day recently while leaving my house, she ran out of her house and flagged them down.

What's next? A patio like us?!

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I just say, Dude, WTF?!