Wednesday, November 28

Just Say Ho

Dear Santa,

This just ain't right. Your sexual harassment won't be acknowledged. However, it will be graded. Try to be as dirty as possible.



Zed said...

Hey! Who you callin' a ho, Santa?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That's got to be a hoax.

'Bubbles' said...

I was waiting for your take on the GKl! Did not disappoint! What is disappointing is that there are a kajillion other ways that women are offended and harassed in this world and they choose to pick on Santa!!


Hey, my blog is on private for reasons not worthy of discussion. Mr. Ex may be involved. I will add you to the "allowed" list when I sit down to get the job done.

Geeze... again. That goes for a whole bunch of other people, too, BTW.

Bubs said...

Unbelievable. My mom mentioned something to me about this a couple days ago, I assumed it was some Fox TV/Bill O'Reilly bullshit. I thought the Australians had more of a sense of humor than this. This is almost as bad as the RAF forcing its pilots to take the pinup girls off the noses of their aircraft.

dguzman said...

Idaho? YOU da ho, ho! (ho)

seriously, who's the fecking idiot who thought this shit up? As Bubbles said, mysogyny shows up in practically everything in this country, but they're telling Santa to stop saying ho ho ho? Fecking brilliant. Way to go, assholes.

Dr. Zaius said...

Hey! That picture looks like my ex-wife!