Friday, November 19


I'm channeling Kirby for this one, plus I stole her graphic.

We have somewhat of a cold feud going on with our crazy neighbor lady. It stems back years ago between her and SV, before I entered the picture. Basically, she lets her rat dog run all over our yard and while she is good about cleaning up the caca, the dog now thinks of our yard as his. The result is that the little rat dog comes up and barks at us in our own yard and has even nipped a couple folks, one of them being a friend of ours' five year old daughter. Not big enough bites to need stitches but that's beyond the point. So SV asked her to stop throwing the ball into our yard and she promised that she wouldn't anymore and swore to him that she had stopped when he questioned her months later since the dog still seemed possessive of our territory. That's when I entered the picture. I work from home. I could plainly see every day that she had  NOT stopped throwing the ball into our yard so I snitched on her and SV had to have another talk with her.

That's how it started really, and I call it a cold feud because we try to remain as pleasant as possible to each other because it's clear neither one of us are moving any time soon, but I can tell by her "don't deliver packages to 3620" sign on her door that she clearly doesn't want to deal with us anymore than we want to deal with her.

Why then, does she copy us on everything? That's the WTF part. First, she snuck into our house while we were remodeling and weren't living there - the contractors caught her - and she explained that she was looking for us (yeah, right) and wanted to know the name of the contractor who redid our stairs. Then lo and behold, a few months later, she has the same guys at her house making a similar modern cable-system railing and stairway. Then we notice she installed the very same new door with side panels that we picked out, but with a different accent design. From what I can see through the windows (no, I don't go snooping into her house) she has also painted her kitchen and living room similar colors, minus the accent wall. If that's not enough, then my maids tell me one day upon having to reschedule due to a vacation that they will be at the neighbor's house soon and could clean then. I asked them if crazy neighbor lady was a new client, and they told me no, that one day recently while leaving my house, she ran out of her house and flagged them down.

What's next? A patio like us?!

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. I just say, Dude, WTF?!


SkylersDad said...

That's just pretty bizarre, and weird about copying your decorating.

kirby said...

That's so Single White Female it's creepy. As for rat dog, I'd keep a dog cage handy and the next time it nips at one of your guests, box that little turd up and call animal control.

bubbles said...

Neighbor b.s., UGH. Fences make good neighbors, then the second curse, Homeowner's associations, kick in. Double UGH.

GETkristiLOVE said...

The hard thing about where we live is that our backyards are very small and close together, but there is a nice open space behind us where most of the neighborhood dogs play. So it's not feasible to have fences and the crazy lady is always within a few yards of her nasty rat dog but fails to control him. I think I've seen a shock collar on him lately so I'm sure he has bitten other folks and gotten neighborhood complaints... but does she leash him? No!!!

Freida Bee, MD said...

I saw her sneak in your house and try on your clothes when I was taking a shower over there the other day. She's pure evil.

dguzman said...

Not only is it creepy, but it's also totally un-cool. Get your own decorating ideas, freak!