Monday, January 3

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and More

The title of my last saved post draft was, Happy Thanksgiving, so I guess I'm a little behind. I was going to drone on in that post about how weird it was to go "home" to Indiana for Turkey day. SV's family is from Lexington but his sister and her husband moved to Indianapolis and they invited us, so that's how I ended up in Hoosierland again. His parents drove in from Kentucky. It was much more relaxing and drama-free to spend the holiday with SV's family than several I remember from my past. I like his family a lot, and that's important in my book if we're going to see a lot of each other over the years. I didn't realize it at the time how that would come to fruition.

Christmas came, a quiet one at home, just the two of us. When all the presents were unwrapped, there was still one more in store for me.

SV got down on one knee and proposed.

Sure, he needed a little bug in his ear and some major hints dropped in his direction, but the point is that he likes to make me happy because I'm a bit spoiled... What? You have been reading my blog for quite some time now, right? Anyway, he spoils me. It works for us.

And for those that are detailed-oriented, he bought me a diamond nose stud a couple of months ago because I once told him it's the only diamond that I need. I didn't know at the time if that meant we were engaged or not but there was no official proposal... hence the coaxing. When the official moment came, he used a ring that I already had. It's an opal ring that was my great Grandmother's engagement ring and that's what I'm wearing, for now.

I hate to stereotype, but I think he could really care less about all the hub-bub and the ear-piercing girlie shrieks when I tell my friends that we are betrothed. I think he's on the "I'll just show up" plan, but I didn't wait all these years to keep it on the down-low. I thought at first that I might, to fit his low-key mood, but fuck that. I'm a gonna tell the world and I'm going to enjoy every minute, every step in this process.

So Happy New Year y'all and thanks for sticking with it even if I'm a bit behind. Now off to design some rings for us!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...


Devilham said...

Wow, congrats to you both!!!! Us dudes tend to be low key on these things.....we have to maintain our street cred you know!!!!

SkylersDad said...

I look forward to seeing what designs you come up with, and congrats again!

Dad E said...

Bridezilla, look out. You might be dethorned.

Go for it E.

Rhonda said...

F ya! make a big deal!!!

kirby said...

"One of us... one of us... gabba gabbba one of us!"

Seriously, though, congratulations.

Evil Genius said...

Woo hoo! Way to man up, SV!