Thursday, January 6

They Say the Way to a Man's Heart...

Post Ring Shopping Conversation at Ted's Montana Grill:

SV: I'm going to order the Bison strip steak. Mmmmm... sounds good, doesn't it?
GKL: I don't think I've ever had bison other than a burger.
SV: Here, read about it on the menu! It says it's leaner and slightly sweeter..
GKL: Oh, okay, I'll get the fillet. How about those rings?! I mean, they are so unique. Do you like them?
SV: Yeah.
GKL: I mean, they are so pretty... (looking at brochures) how about this one we saw?
SV: Uh-huh.

(after food delivered)

SV: Wow, this bison tastes good, doesn't it?!
GKL: Uh-huh. So do you like the raw diamonds around the side, or polished?
SV: You should get what you want. Do you want to try my steak? It's reeeeeally goood. Mmmmm.
GKL: No thanks, hon. So don't you like that palladium metal? It's cool, don't you think?
SV: Yes, it is. I would seriously come here again for the bison. It is sweeter, can't you taste it?
GKL: Oh yes, you're right. So you just want a simple band in that?
SV: Wow, this is really good...
GKL: Do you want the rest of mine? I'm full.
SV: Okay! Sounds good, pass it over!
GKL: So just a simple band then?
SV: What? Oh, yeah.
GKL: So you like what we looked at for me? It's gorgeous, isn't it?! Is it in our budget?
SV: Wow, mmmm.... this is really good. I think the fillet is even better! Uh, what? Yes, you should get what you want.
GKL: Okay, yay!


SkylersDad said...

I think that SV actually had quite bit to say considering delicious Buffalo was involved. If it was me, there would have been quite a lot more grunting and waving of my paws to try and make myself understood.

kirby said...

I completely understand SV's reaction. Speaking as a gal who didn't inherit the wedding gene, I'd have been much more interested in the filet, too.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I don't think I have much of a wedding gene... we shall see, but I do have the jewelry and dress gene!

tamma13 said...

SV is awesome -- and he's right. The bison fillet is yummy and you should definitely get what you want. He'll be happy because you are. :) It's perfect, really.

Dr. Zaius said...

Happy 5 Year Blogiversary, Kristi Love! Is there any cake left? ;o)